Comment: I would never use pot myself

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I would never use pot myself

I would never use pot myself just as I would never smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. But the Constitution grants the federal government no authority to ban drugs. Even my mainstream Republican Romney voting mother agrees with me on that. That is why a constitutional amendment, since rescinded, had to be passed to bring about Prohibition. States may regulate or ban drugs if they want (however ill advised that may be) but they may also make any drug they want legal (which should of course be the default position) and the federal government has no authority to tell them they can't. From what I can see legal prostitution has not caused the end of civilization in Nevada, and I doubt that legal pot in Washington or Colorado will end civilization in those states either. People act stupid when they're stoned, but they act stupider when they're drunk. And they act stupidest of all when they're stone cold sober big headed pundits on major television networks.