Comment: "But come 2016 who will be

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"But come 2016 who will be

"But come 2016 who will be the GOP presidential candidates? Marco Rubio? Paul Ryan? Chris Christie? Michelle Bachmann? Jeb Bush?"

No, after this year's disaster, most likely not.

He's getting part of the blame for Romney's loss.

Not exactly establishment, nor a neo-con, but too crazy and intolerant to win.

Most likely not, his brother's prediency was why Obama won his two terms.

Sadly, yes. He's full-on neo-con masquerading as a conservative and when he's been called out for it by Rand Paul for not siding with him, Lee and DeMint, he's accused them of being far-right. However, he's a Latino, he's charismatic, he's from a swing state and he's popular with the base. He is most likely our biggest threat come 2012.

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