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My opinions.

Feel free to reply if I sound "hypocritical" or don't make sense. I welcome all criticism as long as it is thought-provoking :)

1. I am Pro-Life, but I don't necessarily believe that Life begins at conception. If I am to give my religious views a name, I guess I would call myself a "Spiritualist". I believe that the Pineal Gland (Third Eye) may be the "Seat of the Soul" which creates a hormone called DMT. DMT is produced naturally by the Pineal Gland at certain times in our lives; an initial burst of DMT is created approx. 49 days after conception, which I take to be as the moment a "soul" actually enters the body; during birth; while we sleep (dreaming); and at the moment of death, when our "soul" leaves our physical bodies.

2. Being Pro-Life I believe that ALL life is precious and a gift from our creator. I will always advocate for adoption, as opposed to abortion.

3. I do however believe that I do NOT have a right to tell someone else (a woman) what she can or can NOT do with her own body. It is not up to me to tell someone else what to do. I believe that if someone chooses to abort a pregnancy then they must live that decision. That decision is ultimately between them and God.

4. Abortions are a moral issue and we can not legislate morality. The answer to change morality is to EDUCATE and ADVOCATE.

5. Since we live in an "immoral" society (not collectivising anyone, just making a point) I would prefer that Abortion be LEGAL as opposed to ILLEGAL. IF a woman were to choose abortion as the answer to her choices, I would prefer that she have the option of doing so in CLEAN and STERILE facilities, as opposed to back alley (underground) clinics or dinky clinics across the border (in Mexico or whatever). If someone wants an abortion, they will get an abortion. Just like if someone wants to do drugs, they will do drugs; regardless of the LEGALITY issue.

So in my personal life, I am an advocate for LIFE. But in regards to others I do not have the right to limit the choices of others. I don't like titles, but I guess I am on both sides of the coin; Pro-Life and Pro-Choice.

Does this make any sense to anybody? I am looking forward to any responses or rebuttals anyone may have.

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