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Levin, Limbaugh, Savage (to a

Levin, Limbaugh, Savage (to a lesser degree), Ingraham, Beck and Hannity are all fake conservatives. They are, I believe, chickenhawks. It's alright for them to go to war on a whim but will not take up arms themselves and would rather have the rest of the American people and their children go to war.

All of them, except I believe, Savage aren't fiscal conservatives. All of them are corrupt republican water carriers and have a twisted sense of Liberty. I think, it was only Savage who criticized the fact that Americans can now be targeted for assassination without a trial. All of them are neocons ( which is a disservice to the term conservatives). Because if you understand conservatism, you'll understand that it is deeply rooted in liberty.

They turn a blind eye on the liberty movement and the youth's huge involvement with it. They side with financial benefactors' interest and just leave enough tinge of conservatism to fool the American public. They are the great pretenders which unfortunately, huge number of people listen to. They have warped neo conservatism to make it appear that it is what conservatives should believe. They have remained silent on the patriot act and the ndaa. They are conservative frauds.

All of them promote trumps Israel's national interest over the US. They don't get it that Israel and the US national interests are not always the same. While they are an ally, (although they have instigated false flags (e.g. USS Liberty Attack) the US actually has no treaty with them. I don't have a problem with them supporting Israel but when it goes against the interest of the US, then they should hold back and remember they are Americans first and Israeli supporters second.

People should call in and call them on their being neocons and more like Israeli lobbyists than conservative Americans.