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Comment: I have always felt that

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I have always felt that

I have always felt that parties are like religions. I'm a registered republican b/c the primaries, but was registered independent before that. I don't feel less independent being a registered republican. Has it ever been worth being a republican? Or a democrat? Or a libertarian? You are a free individual and do not need to change your views to match a party platform or act based on group mentality. Independence and freedom give you the power to reject and approve based on your principles. For example, if a free marketplace of ideas is promoted, as is the case with the philosophy of liberty, the best views will eventually win out, regardless of party. The philosophy of liberty should allow you to be comfortable libertarian, democrat, republican, or independent because you are free to associate. You do not have to believe the libertarian platform. A party does not define what you should believe. Then you are not free, do not understand liberty philosophically, and most likely are a social libertarian, wanting to force your politics on others.