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Dennis Kucinich agrees on the

Dennis Kucinich agrees on the two most important issues affecting this country: End the Wars (reduce military spending) and Audit the Fed. Wouldn't that be a truly amazing accomplishment for one term of a presidency? You would also reap the benefit of breaking the divide and conquer form of politics where the powers that be and their mouthpieces (Hannity, Rush, Olbermann, Ed) try to convince people daily that anyone that doesn't think like them is their enemy and is stupid. A Paul/Kucinich coalition would DESTROY the mainstream DNC/RNC paradigm and get people realizing that they don't have to choose between those two sinister parties. Yes, though, after the troops are brought home and the Fed is audited, RP and DK would have dissimilar philosophies on economics -- though in those 4 years a lot more of the DK followers would probably understand the economics of liberty, and Kucinich's rhetoric is pro-liberty (he just doesn't get the economics behind it).

Rand appealing to mainstream NeoCons comes at a price. That price is left-leaning indies and dems that Paul/Kucinich would pick up in DROVES as would Paul/Nap and Paul/Ventura.

You don't need neo-cons to win anymore, in my opinion.