Comment: The Republican Party has

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The Republican Party has

The Republican Party has special privileges that it has crafted into law with the cooperation of the other privileged party, the Democrat Party. Other parties are at a profound disadvantage when it comes to competing in most states. So much so, that moving to a third party is tantamount to removing one's self from the political process. This is by design.

One of the unintended consequences of this political engineering is that the two dominant parties are the targets for insurgencies aimed at gaining control over their privileged access to the political means.

I have no ideological ties, nor feel any loyalty to whatever the establishment Republicans claim to be their principles, since I believe them to be disingenuous and indistinguishable from the Democrats. However, I am keenly interested in putting the liberty movement into a vehicle that gives it a better chance for success. Given the disarray and apathy in the current Republican party, it seems to me to be ripe for new leadership and a new direction. Why not us?

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul