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Dr. Paul is wrong if he even took a stand against labeling of GMO's as he sure as hell is wrong on his idiotic statement released reguarding Net Neutrality...

Both of those should and need to happen. Considering these mega billion dollar companies benefited from our printed money and tax havens (Monsanto, General Mills, Nabisco, Sprint, ATT, Verizon,Comcast, Time Warner, etc,etc,etc)

You damn right they're out of control.. Most of the time I agree with Dr. Paul. But I'm no where in anyway even close to agreeing with them on there backing of absurdity!!

Sorry, common sense prevails.

(Did anyone with any type of technical background even read the Rand & Ron's press release regarding Net Neutrality and Internet freedoms? Just ass backwards!!!)

I'm sorry sue someone for wanting to know what is GMO and what isn't. It's already been tried numerous times and the "corporations" have found idiotic and mundane ways around labeling already, so it's not really even true to begin with. 100%, All Natural, Organic.. You think those words would mean what they mean. But they DO NOT! Who's the idiots and who's the attorney's?