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Mind boggling

Mind boggling how servile and dumb the MSM is.

She kept asking the irrelevant politicians-politics questions of the so called "news" that they feed the crowds with, for always more distraction, entertainment, bread and circuses.

And the good Dr. Ron Paul as always nailed it with the blinding evidence for whoever has a brain :

"I don't trust politics, not any more than I ever did.

I'm trying to change PEOPLE'S MINDS.

If people want more government THAT'S ALL they're going to get.

But we're ALREADY OVER the cliff. The question is how we are going to land !"




Yet again... Ron Paul is light years ahead of these talking heads robots.

Otherwise, sure, her makeup looks great. Perfect skin.

Oh yes, you look and do very good on TV, darling.

On you if only pretending to ask intelligent questions ?

Sorry... you don't do as great on that one. I hope you're done with your student loan, honey anchor... It didn't help you much get clues about reality, or about the quality of this true statesman you were LUCKY to have him even bother answering your "questions".


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