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I think

the authoritarianism part of communism is what this parent is trying to teach her beloved step-son so he will understand what communism means in reality...she was acting like a communist leader to whom her son would have no choice in obeying or being yanked around by all in the name of collectivism for the good...which begs the question...for the good of whom?

Certainly his sisters, the other communist "leaders" got a good deal while worker bee communist, the step-son, did all the work for everyone's good...ah but he has been receiving free room and board his whole life so certainly he is indebted to the "system."

His step-mother was showing him exactly what communism is all about thru a "real-life play in which the family are all actors."

Do you think he gets the idea now about the truth of communism? I think so more than words could have ever taught.

And I think that maybe his FB friends will see the lesson too very effectively!

What a great mom and step-mom this boy has. Some who truly love him and take the effort to actually parent.

Do you think this parent is going to continue being a communist leader, or just until he understands? I think she is showing her step-son that communism is a tool used by some very mean people who do very mean things to very unfortunate innocent people who want communism but once trapped by it cannot get out.