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How is requiring someone

to live out the ideologies they espouse equated with "stomping" them out, unless of course the ideology is a good one only until you are actually required to live it. That has always been the problem with communism...explained the right way it can always made to be sound appealing (promoting the "common good", helping the disadvantaged, etc. etc.) that is until you actually try to put it into practice. Sure, the people that are getting something for nothing like it just fine, except in reality the items they are getting for "nothing" are actually provided for and paid for by somebody else. Like "free" healthcare, that is absurd. There is no such thing as "free healthcare"...the doctors, nurses and hospitals are in fact getting paid, but it is coming from someone else who had to actually work to pay them. Many people will claim that socialism is more in line with bible teaching (helping others in need), but that is completely misleading. The bible also states that those who do not work for their food, also will not eat. The bible promotes self accountability on all fronts and in no aspect does it advocate taking by force something which was earned by another and giving it to someone else, I don't care what their need is. Charity, by it's very nature must be done voluntarily, or else it fails to become charity altogether.

Thanks so much for posting this. Your point is well made and it would be great if more parents would take the time to show their children exactly what socialism results in firsthand. I think you would see the number of socialism promoters drop rather quickly.