Comment: You make a great argument

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You make a great argument

accept for one thing. It is the Government that is behind GMO's.

Now you might say, well you don't have to buy it and that is true, but don't you as a consumer have a right to know something about the product you are buying?

You have the right to research a car you are going to buy. If a manufacturer listed nothing about the car, it performance etc, etc, you can chose to go buy one that does.

In this case it is the food we are consuming. We don't have a choice on whether or not we can eat.

I would like to see how fast your opinion would change if you or a loved one with a peanut allergy died because peanut flour was not listed on the product and they died from eating it. That's when it gets really personal.

In the world you would create we would walk into a supermarket and go into a cereal isle and all the boxes would be labeled cereal, nothing else. To be fair, that would mean no foods would have to be labeled, not just GMO's