Comment: This is what they do!

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This is what they do!

Yes, this is how he does it!!! That is how he sucks you in. He'll give you enough that you think he get's it, then he'll push some establishment guy (a Rubio or Jindle) on you and tell you they'll be our savior. If anyobdy even bring up Ron Paul (or Ru Paul, as he refers to him) he will do everything in his power to discredit and insult him. Levin will never give credibility to Ron Paul or the Liberty Movement, he's establishment GOP through and through. He's one of the operatives the establishment used to infiltrate and take over the Tea Party. He pretends to be anti-RINO/anti-establishment. Levin said last night that the people didn't show up to vote because they alienated Sarah Palin, never mentioning Ron Paul or the Liberty Movement....and yes, I still listen to those guys because it's important to know what they are doing and saying. That is the only way to fight them. I try to comment on every conservative website out there and call them out as frauds as much as I can. Glenn Beck is even worse than Levin at reeling people in with Liberty talk (other than his outright NeoCon stances...sometimes they just can't help themselves) and then throwing an establishment candidate at you. He also pretends to be this authority on George Washington and gives the impression that George Washington would want you to do what Glenn is telling you.....sick! I believe these guys are our biggest obstacle! Shining light on these guys as frauds should be our main mission right now. These guys have the ear of the people we need, without exposing them, we will never have the numbers to win. Many more people would have went to Ron Paul if these frauds were not there to discourage them.