Comment: A lot of their fair weather

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A lot of their fair weather

A lot of their fair weather friends are going to be leaving the GOP in mass exodus. Think about it, a lot of them felt that this victory was in the bag. To see that failure, a lot of them are going to say "why bother?" Two losses in a row and they are probably going to quit coming. We need to fill that void.

All politics are local. We may not win a Presidential position in 2016, but we can do our best to gain super-majorities in the legislative branch of government. If we control 75% of both bodies of Congress, then we are veto-proof against any President. We won 8 out of 11 Paul-endorsed candidates to the house. All budgets originate in the House of Representatives. If we have Ron Paul Republicans in control of the House, we can propose a budget that will fix this issue. The President can recommend a budget, but we can recommend a finger right back. We create the budget, it's as simple as that.

Focus on winnable races. Identify those Congressional Districts that are slightly Democrat-leaning to capture disaffected Democrats. Moneybomb those candidates we choose in those districts.

Most importantly, we need to identify the battlefield. Which races in 2012 cost the least for a candidate to win? Which races take the fewest votes? Should we run Democrats in those races as well so we win the general either way once the midterm primary is over? Should we focus on state-level elections? How hard is it to take over the legislative bodies of various states? Where are our resources physically located?