Comment: 4) Whenever possible make it personal.

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4) Whenever possible make it personal.

4) Whenever possible make it personal.Don't attack an idea, attack the PERSON. This not only works for individuals working at the grassroots or writing on Internet forums, it is also a good way of smearing libertarian leaders or candidates without debating IDEAS.

5) Whenever possible TAKE it personally. If someone is making a good rebuttal or trying to bring the discussion back to a relevant issue accuse them of attacking YOU (or some other sympathetic character). This will the dialogue into a death spiral of "he-said, she-said", short circuit any hope of building consensus, and (if you're REALLY skilled) get effective activists banned from forums for being "disruptive". At the very least you will discourage and frustrate them to the point where they will be less likely to show up and contribute.

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