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My House Member - Visits

My local member of the US House has an office near me. I've started dropping in from time to time and writing him a note, often about issues from here on DP.

He's a Democrat (this is CA), but sometimes he's on the right side of issues. I don't know if it does any good. I usually only see the receptionist, as the rep is in DC most of the time.

One thing to do is to get together a group, call the office and make an appointment to lobby reps for what you want. If you could bring in a group once or twice, and have a civil conversation, as leader of the group, pretty soon a simple note, signed by you, would represent lots of votes to that rep.

I'm sure they'll all be in DC for the inauguration, but they'll all be home for the holidays, and that's when you can meet with them. As Ron Paul points out, form a coalition on issues of agreement. As Gary Johnson said, hold their feet to the fire on what they're supposed to be good at. Start there.

What do you think?