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Not Voting Party

I am not interested in getting a "Party" elected. I am interested in getting Liberty on the Ballot. Someone needs to run on Ron Paul's 2012 platform and I don't care what party they are in...I will vote for the person speaking the Message of Liberty> I am not interested in a specific person, nor in a specific the party until I hear a specific message: Liberty.

I think what needs to be figured out is how Friends of Liberty are going to get the Liberty Platform into the arena. If it ends up being thru a 3rd party great, I'll be there in support. I could not support ANY of the 3rd party candidates this time around. The message of Liberty was perverted/subverted by all of them.

The Message of Liberty is a powerful one. So powerful that tptb will do anything to keep it from being heard. We need to be aware and vigilant as to WHAT that Message is and make sure it is THAT Message that is supported.