Comment: Aristocratic Arrogance

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Aristocratic Arrogance

He giveth, and he taketh away. The emperor wants no competition from his minions. I'm beginning to wonder if he's the guy the Commission is going to install in the White House next. It's perfect, really. After years of (R's) and (D's), the discontent is palpable. We'll give the people what they want--an (I). The media pushes him on the viewing public as a voice of progress and bipartisanship. Bloomers wins in a landslide, capitalizes on his "mandate" to institute the empire, demonize and turn the majority against those who dissent, and round them up and brand them as enemies of the State. Then, with a complicit society, the hammer falls.

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."