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To you closet anarchists who opposed prop 37 - you just described why there should be no laws in this country.

Seems there are a lot here that pick and chose which laws they deem acceptable and which laws they don't.

If this were a discussion about term limits, government sunshine laws, water quality laws, or law against under-age marriage, then you would not argue against, would you? That is because you are not consistent in your beliefs. If you were consistent in your philosophy, you would admit there is a place for states to pass laws for safety of their citizentry or you must admit you were an anarchist.

Not that there is anything with anarchy. But if you take this entire thread and replace "must label ingredients" with "must tell people they were drinking flouride in the water" then you'll understand how hypocritical it is.

Many of you consistently side with the corporation on aggregious issues instead of siding with yourself and the people.