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We had the same problem here in MN.. The necon

in the Republican party wont support the Liberty Candidate they will vote for the Democratic.

Case in point for Kurt Bills endorsed by Ron Paul.

My cousin runs a BPOU and was RP delegate as well.

Here's what happen in his district and others.

Registered voters was 1200

700 Romney Votes because he's more Liberal neocon.

500 Obama Votes.

However Kurt Bills received 500 Votes while Amy K. received 700.

We still have Liberal Rhinos in our Party in the GOP Party Central that didn't help one bit or help will funding those candidates.

Second thing is the Liberty minded candidate next time around has to start meeting with these minority groups and telling them why they stand for Liberty. You need to educate the minority classes in which we started to do and a lot of different minority classes are starting to wake up to these message. We did improve our #s in this area this election cycle in MN.

But if we are going to have any success people have to get involved and you can't wait until 2016 election season.