Comment: Yes..over 1000 of us Are Taking The Free State Seriously!

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Yes..over 1000 of us Are Taking The Free State Seriously!

Most definitely Yes! There are over 1,000 of us in-state (early movers) that are taking the Free State seriously. If it wasn't for myself and others..Dr. Paul wouldn't have won our county (the only county he won) in the Primary. There are of course other numerous examples to show how the 'Free State' is already impacting Liberty in New Hampshire.

We need reinforcements (early movers) to keep the momentum going. What is more though, is we need more people to sign the declaration of we can reach the 20,000 mark to get everyone to make the move! (This is when we can really have an impact!) This needs to happen before everything totally collapses. If I didn't make the move in 2010..I would not have been able to do it latter. It was not easy, we made huge sacrifices..but people who value Liberty need to realize the long-term outcome is what will be the biggest reward. There is safety in numbers..we just need more numbers! Please pray and think hard and see if you can make the move..we need you! Its never easy, but then again anything worthwhile is never easy! Liberty in our lifetime, for ourselves and our families is worth it!

Please think hard. Thank you.