Comment: The problem is, Monsanto gets laws passed

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The problem is, Monsanto gets laws passed

to protect their interests. There plan is to keep any reference to GMO's off labels voluntary or involuntary. This way the GMO's can be called organic, since the FDA says they see no difference.

There is also a revolving door from Monsanto's Board of directors and their lawyer firm to the FDA and EPA. EPA and FDA are just puppets for Monsanto and big Agribusiness.

The EPA has known for years that GMO crops were deadly to Honeybees in the way they are presently grown.

They just figure when the problem gets bad enough they will be able to fix it with their Frankenstein style way of doing business.

But I would ask you if my gene Manipulated bees don't die anymore from the pesticides in the nectar and pollen would you eat it?

This is natures way of protecting us, the bees die off and polluted honey is not passed on to us humans.

Monsanto To the rescue with different ways to get their poison on your plate, and increase their profits. I am sure I would pay royalties to Monsanto or be sued out of business if I didn't comply.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed