Comment: I know Ron Paul (thankfully) and Jesse Benton (unfortunately)...

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I know Ron Paul (thankfully) and Jesse Benton (unfortunately)...

I've been an insider (inside the 2008 campaign) and an outsider (hardcore grassroots volunteer in 2012 campaign. That's right, we were always outsiders in 2012). It's funny about the negative votes on my submission above because DPers are not usually reality deniers.

Ron made a BIG mistake by having his grandson in charge of the campaign. That was STUPID. Sorry, but it was. And Ron most definitely stood down to Romney when he could have stood up. He made it clear he didn't want to fight the good fight as much as his hardcore constituency.

Yes. Ron Paul has a good legacy. But really wanting to win the election that we all wanted him to fight hard enough to have a chance to win, not so much!

This is NOT an anti-Paul post. It is simply a reality post. It's a good thing to accept reality. It helps us to move forward.

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