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Escape Abusive Parents and

run right into the Arms of Communism? Those "abusive" parents were parenting communism real-life so the son that they love could see the difference between communism and a loving family.

IMO the things done were not to punish, but the things done were to show real-time how it is to be treated by criminals who call themselves communists. A "reality show" of sorts.

Do you really think that his step-mother is going to continue a "communist" system at home after her son comes to realize just exactly what communism is all about?

No, I do not agree that she is an abusive parent, but an instructive parent, and sometimes instruction comes from knowing better by experience.

Better have that experience given by a loving parent when it is an experiment than under the control of criminals when it is no longer an experimental experience, but a tyranny from which one cannot extract one’s self.

I do not imagine her son, who is being "gently" instructed will espouse communism as an ideal; unless her son is determined to be in the hierarchy whereby he exercises tyranny over others. Then we can "wish him luck" as he climbs to the top over the dead bodies of his countrymen.

IMO he is getting a lesson in tyranny up-close and personal, and I would imagine at the same time there are some very instructive conversations.

Why are we crying out for Liberty here from sea to shining sea? Is it not because we are experiencing tyranny? IMO, We need to be very careful and alert because when people cry for liberty there are certain wolves who would like to be the “liberators.” Her son NEEDS to know better for his own sake, the sake of all of us who love liberty, as well as for the sake of those who do not know better.