Comment: Should your son be working at 16 anyway?

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Should your son be working at 16 anyway?

I started when I was about 8 watching my mother's store. I always helped with the chores. I had to work and my paycheck had to go to help with food for the family when I was 15-1/2. I don't think there is much of a work ethic with young people anymore. I am not sure this is so much a lesson about Communism as it is about work ethic and sharing the load as well as the rewards of hard work. More of this lesson is needed for ALL of us. however, I do see the point you are trying to make, if he works hard and no one else does, why should the others get his reward. ??

I disagree with a lot of people posting on here that it is causing a divide, etc...

We all need to learn to be a more responsible nation... with freedom comes responsibility! Everyone in ALL families need to learn this, not just one person working hard and everyone else sitting on their butt make a family work, nor a nation.