Comment: Important to advocate the free market way

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Important to advocate the free market way

I support the Non-GMO Project idea. By creating the non-GMO brand, the project empowers consumers without unnecessarily burdening fixed-income households or the elderly with price increases that regulation costs tend to lead. Also, the replacing of a Monsanto-led FDA with a California-based bureaucracy only shifts accountability temporarily from one government body to another; who's to say this new font of power would not entice Monsanto to infiltrate and create favorable treatment for itself somehow through California regulators?

Indeed, evidence of success can be found: rBST milk has been quarantined by the education and promotion of companies that benefit from offering non-rBST products like Vermont's finest Ben and Jerry. Empower the consumers but don't compel their suppliers!

My fear is that the Non-GMO project website does favor government mandates in regards to GMO labeling; if another Prop 37 were to achieve critical mass, the effort to use market pressure for change in behavior would be abandoned in favor for government managed compliance. There is a better way!