Comment: but Ron always did what the campaign said because he

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but Ron always did what the campaign said because he

wasn't interested in that part, that was the deal from the beginning. watch his Texas GOP convention speech the day after the email about not expecting to have enough delegates - hours before Rand endorsed Romney. That speech was not on the same wavelength. He spoke of 1976 being the last real RNC when he was a delegate for Reagan and the delegates actually had an opportunity to vote on the nominee from the floor. He spoke of what he would do as president. The title of his speech, AFTER the media had annointed Romney nominee and after that email was on two topics 'Republicans Uniting, and Balancing the Budget'. He said we shouldn't unite behind bad ideas but should unite behind the Consitution. If you watched just Ron's appearances you had a very different vibe about 'fighting for what we can get' (which is very different than throwing personal attacks) than if you were reading the campaign emails and watching Benton on TV.

I don't know where the disconnect was but I started noticing it in February.

I don't know what happened behind the scene, but the campaign emails aren't at all conclusive to me, given that disconnect.

And the CAMPAIGN seeing a potential Romney media storm as reason to stand down doesn't mean Ron was consulted in that. Ron wouldn't ever push to attack personally other people. I suspect the media team and campaign made those suggestions and all they had to do was not suggest it, with Romney.

I don't KNOW what happened. But Ron personally never made any of the moves that would cause me to doubt him after his long record of being Ron. And we DO know at least one point where staff said Ron said something to get delegates to comply with staff direction, when Ron had never said that -- the delegate call where they were told Ron wouldn't accept nomination from the floor even if delegates could get it for him. Tate had to send out an email the next day saying that was an error, and untrue.

I don't believe in 9/11 truth (just negligence) but I have never objected to those who do believe in it because when you don't have transparency about something people care about, they come up with their own answers. Unfortunately, that applies here, as well.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul