Comment: I agree with Dr. Paul

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I agree with Dr. Paul

in that at this point in time I have very little faith in the current political system. That being said; however, we would do very well to learn from our enemies...when the system is not working for you, become the system. That is what has happened in this country. Over a long period of time, they worked their way into the system and became the policymakers and ultimately came to control the system itself. We should do the same, just as Ron Paul has alluded to. Work our way into the system (infiltrate it) one position at a time, until we again get back the power that we have lost. This process requires a lot of time and a lot of patience, but can be accomplished. Whatever, happens, we can't just throw our hands up, give up and walk away, because then they've won. Losing this game is not an option, because the stakes are just far too high!