Comment: Preliminary figures? I love this. Really advanced stuff.

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Preliminary figures? I love this. Really advanced stuff.

OK so I called this the night of and the morning after. Turnouts BLATANTLY AND GLARINGLY indicated a continuing trend: each cycle, fewer and fewer people are motivated to participate in the charade.

Now get this: I employed all appropriate science and high tech measures:

1. I googled last years turnout
2. I looked at the live poll numbers

-now here is where I employed my most sophiticated statistical methods

3. I decided which number was higher, this year's or last year's. And I did that without paper or computer. I did that computation right in my head.

4. I published my research for review by the academic community right here.

So far my hypothesis remains unchallenged. Not only that, the preliminary figures, the intermediary figures, the present figures, pretty much all the figures continue to support my hypothesis.


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