Comment: I tend to see it this way

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I tend to see it this way

the father, who could be so busy working or hunting or fishing or racing or watching football, etc, etc, etc, could have walked into the 16 year olds room and beat the tar out of him. Smashed his computer, video games, quit giving him an allowance, and told him to get out.

Instead, the father himself, drove the son down to the grocery store and helped him get a job. The father took his own time to take the door off his room...a very personal message that in communism you have no privacy...your room is not even your own.

The father took the time to post and change the FB password leaving a message for this young communists friends to follow. The father could have made up lies about all the boys friends and made them hate him by disinformation as done in Communism, but didn't. However he did make an example out of the done by Communists.

The father took the time to set up a Communist system in the home and explain to the boy how this communist system would work, and is now having to use his own time to manage this system.

The father did not take away the boy's allowance, he only split it between the rest of the family, as was done with the some of the rest of the boy's stuff, as would be done in communism.

The father is not taking all of the boys paycheck, only spliting it between the family just like in communism, except sometims you don't even get a check after working because there is not enough money to go around...guess they don't print it like we do here...another subject :)

Really, I do not hear punishment in this father's dialog, I hear him working with the boy. Can you imagine the "step-father" is even giving this none-birthed son an allowance. That says to me that he is loved and cherished and is being taught to be responsible for his words and actions...lovingly, not punitively.