Comment: GMO's are proven harmful and

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GMO's are proven harmful and

GMO's are proven harmful and Monsanto is a proven liar and criminal. Just because people are ignorant does not make it any less criminal. This issue is not a matter of belief it is a matter of fact in harming millions!

It's a criminal act! It is poisoning people and the environment. Even an anarchist society will act collectively to defend itself from harm against a common enemy. It is one of the few legitimate tasks of government no matter how informal government might be...

It's not a free choice issue millions are being willfully criminally harmed with impunity. They don't even know they are being poisoned and fed disease causing organisms how the hell can they make a free choice?

The biotech industrial complex should be rounded up and tried for attempted mass murder, destruction of property, and malice and hanged!

We don't have a free market so the only option is to use the current government to force these criminals to at least inform people...

You can't selectively apply some free market principles in a little corner of a socialist interventionist society and expect it to work like it would in a true free society. So we have to do the only thing we can to protect ourselves with what we have to work with

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