Comment: Not going to win R3volution by exclusion.

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Not going to win R3volution by exclusion.

There are many actions of past governments that have caused people to be blinded by the likes of Bush and Obama. Instead of looking for people who are qualified or that they agree with on policy, many people continue to look to insignificant issues that make little sense. In this last election 93% of the African-American population voted for Obama because they identify with him as an African-American. They didn't look to the issue of free market, liberty or anything else. The same goes for the Latin-American community and the Asian-American community. The R3volution is losing because of stupid ideas of special rights for some and not for others. Sure back in the days of the Revolution they feared foreigners would come in and take over the country, but where has this fear led? Special immigration laws were established making it so that only Europeans could become citizens, didn't care if they were liberty minded or not. Chinese persons were excluded, many who are truly libertarian minded individuals with many acts. It was only with laws like the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 were people allowed to come into the country without restriction to origin. The problem is that many of those claiming they don't want government intervention want the government to define who is a natural born citizen. In my opinion, if Dr. Ron Paul had been born in Moscow, I still would have supported his candidacy for president. The actions of a man are more important then then his origin.