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Very nicely put, Bear.

I know we are all libertarians here. We believe the means of production and personal property should be private. Communists don't. It was not until the Trotsky revolution that the authoritarian vanguard party ideas were combined with communism. I am completely fine with people liking and wanting communism, or a vanguard party with socialism or capitalism. To each his own. Forcing my beliefs on others is antithetical to libertarianism. Communism doesn't work for one reason - motivation. The tyrannical state is the power structures answer to that. It is not what Marx espoused. It is not what communism is about. People chose to live in the Israeli kibbutz. That's their choice. It is not a bad one. It is different from the ideologies of the DPers.

If the child of a communist was learning about libertarianism would a tyrannical response be the answer? Not for me. Everyone needs to learn from their mistakes. The poor kid is trying to use his head. I commend him for it. I would give him some books or offer him some Rothbard free online books, videos, or podcasts. Stealing a child's password, making a fool of him in front of his friends is, well, stealing and mean. Teaching by example is a far better method. Punishing the kid for thinking is disgusting.

I suppose the stealing of the password and mocking him for all to see is what just pisses me off. It is no wonder we live among sheep. Parents nastily punish their children for thinking.