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Comment: It puts the establishment and us in an odd position.

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It puts the establishment and us in an odd position.

Right now the RNC is probably just wallowing themselves into a stupor. They figured that the rules change would seal up all dissent and grab us over for Romney in the election for a victory. Now that that's not the case, it seems they're just staring blankly at the wall and trying to find out who they are. The effects of their desperate power grab were entirely pointless to their cause (dear god yes).

Seeing as those specific changes are for the presidential in 4 years, we really need to have either the sympathy or control of the seats of power in the RNC. Those rules must be undone, and the party must be taken over as part of finally returning the party to it's roots in liberty.

The neo-cons can go form their own damn party of moral legislation that will never get any votes.