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Comment: So, Blackwell supported

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So, Blackwell supported

So, Blackwell supported Romney?

Call me paranoid, but that sparked the idea of an inside job to water down what happened with the bus and the voice vote. Why didn't Morton talk about all the points of order and calls for division? If he's so interested in the rules, then the railroad convention should have been paramount.

He also said that he only supported Romney when there was "only one candidate left." Well, we all know that only happened *after* the convention was railroaded, so there's another bit of cognitive dissonance to chew on.

As Sun Tzu said in different words: if you control the lead of the opposition, the entire opposition falls apart easily.

Don't trust anyone folks, this is a big game we are playing, and this video seems to be released right after the election to placate the Republican base (or was it released earlier? -- anyone know). Of course, I could be wrong and I don't really know anything, but it did set off a couple of warning bells. I hope Morton really is on our side.