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Comment: There are Jews and there are Zionists and there is the Likud.

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There are Jews and there are Zionists and there is the Likud.

Not all Jews support Israel. Of those that do, many are liberal. The Zionists, who are frothing nationalists, who support the hawkish Likud Party pushed for Romney. Bebe Netanyahu is a Likud leader and Sheldon Adelson is a major bankroller of the Likud party. Adelson first backed Newt in the primaries and when the writing was on the wall, he switched to Willard. The Likudniks were pushing to get Obama out because they want the U.S. to invade Iran. They have not been able to get Obama to do it. They want it because the Iranian-and-Syrian-backed Hezbollah fighters forced an Israeli Defense Force retreat from south Lebanon about 20 years ago. The Likud wants to isolate Hezbollah from its support and re-occupy Lebanon. So, Syria and Iran are targets.
Neocons, like Bill Kristol, are slavishly pro-Zionist. Some are because they are Jewish nationalists and identify with the Jewish state. Some Christians believe Israel is the fulfillment of Revelation prophesy heralding the return of Jesus. Others love Israel because they are on the government contract gravy train. Congress votes foreign aid to Israel which buys American weapons with it. The Israeli and weapons lobby push for Israel in Congress.
The Zionist hawks supported Romney because they wanted Obama out, but they are not a majority of America's Jews.
The happy news is we shot the chicken hawk down.

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