Comment: Hurrah!! Thank G-d

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Hurrah!! Thank G-d

your son has a parent who loves him and cares. Most adults who have children (not the same as a parent) would laugh it off and think it was a faze.

Even after he cries uncle keep up your redistribution of his wealth for at least another 6 months. He has to learn that theft though coercion is wrong but as important he needs to learn that in these societies saying you have had enough doesn't mean squat. The hellish life imposed by the state is still forced upon you.

If a parent doesn't address this attitude an behavior it will almost always turn in to more than a faze.

Advocating force and coercion should be offensive to a intelligent person and open society. (Note-said offensive, not illegal, because a free society will have offensive people)

In America it is okay to have a t-shirt with che or mao on the front yet they are as evil as hitler. Why does hitler shirt offend so many when mao and che do not?
I really do not know the answer to this and it shocks me.


Liberty = Responsibility