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Comment: he is not being 100% truthful

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he is not being 100% truthful

I was there as a guest for Idaho. We interviewed people that were on that bus and they really did think that they were deliberately delayed. The RNC obviously got to Morton and told him to play nice so that the party wouldn't be hurt.

The Idaho guests were told that there was a bus shortage on the day of the rules change vote. We were also told that we couldn't take a cab because we wouldn't be able to get thru security. I sensed something was up and was bound and determined to get there. I found the security guy for our delegation and asked him if i could indeed get myself to the convention and he told me that they were lying to us and that we could get ourselves there without any security holdups. At that point i was pissed and 5 of us made our way onto the bus. They were not happy but what could they do. When we got to the convention and witnessed the vote then we knew why they didn't want us there. It was empty in the upper tiers because other state delegations were also not there. Some states took them to the beach and some went to a nice meal. This was a coordinated effort by the RNC to keep us away so that we would not witness the vote. If those upper tiers would have been full you would have had even more angry protestations to that vote. Morton is not being truthful here. There is a lot of peer pressure and it looks like this long-term Republican is more interested in being liked and being part of the club than telling the truth.