Comment: I find that people have no

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I find that people have no

I find that people have no clue about history. People have to clue that their favorite politician has said one thing and done another, over and over again. They have no clue about how the free market has worked to solve problems. They have no clue about the Fed. They have no clue that raising taxes on the rich has caused exodus of business owners and their businesses to other countries. They have no clue how the Soviet Union collapsed, or how many other societies collapsed. It's not even a matter of opinion or world view. They are just ignorant and like being so.

It's a bigger problem than just teaching people. Maybe they have had their minds filled with useless and bogus information all their lives to the point where they have no respect for history.

I just read on another forum that a rejection of Romney was a rejectio nof conservatism. These people actually think that there is something conservative about Romney, just because it's the "other side".