Comment: We don't need to go default

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We don't need to go default

All we need to do is focus on the real economy. If we created jobs from no interest loans and donations (smaller scale) from OUR assets and kept the banks out of the loop, those jobs would not be subject to the interest/stock market scams that the other companies are. They would thrive and prosper even without the perpetual growth model, even while lower prices and raising wages.

Then we the people will have extra money to 'save' or create productivity from, which will further the movement. Fast forward a little bit and predict what it would really take to satisfy all of our peoples' basic needs. It's really not that much in the distributed ability, interconnected world we live in.

At some point, enough people will see that we don't need some big conglomerate (be it a bank, a multinational corporation or even a government program) and we can effectively boycott it. Under today's over-leveraged, stock-rally-hype business model, even a shrinkage of a few % repeated a few times is enough to drive nearly every mega-corporation into oblivion.