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Comment: I voted for RP in the FL Primary and did not vote

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I voted for RP in the FL Primary and did not vote

in the election. I'm 49 years old and have only voted once in my life...for Ross Perot in the early 90's. For sure I would have voted for RP this year, but I figured the selection had already been made and even if our votes did count, the only difference I could see between the 2 were the color of their skin. (and mittens magic underwear)

If the votes were indeed counted, I'm amazed that mittens didn't win. You would think that even if people were just voting to make a change and hope for the best by putting someone else in the whitehouse other than the current tyrant, mittens would have won.

IMHO the PTB were perfectly happy with the ease of getting things done using obama as the figure head that they really had no reason to swap him out for the white guy.

The next few years are going to be wildly unpopular for freedom loving Americans but we can only hope as things continue to deteriorate more people will wake up. Dr Paul is looking beautiful and at least he won't be at the helm when the $hit hits the fan.

I proudly wear my Ron Paul shirts everywhere I go. The republicans can look at me as if RP cost them the election but they had a choice of nominating someone that could have easily beat obummer. They are insane if they think Ron Paul Republicans would stoop to voting for mittens. They figured the RP vote wouldn't really matter. We mattered and my decision to not vote mattered. I wish I had a sticker to have worn on election day that said "Proud to have NOT voted for either tyrant".