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I loved the "Ron Zone", LOL (and I bet that was a great BBQ ya'll had). From beginning to end, the video just got better and better. I have tears in my eyes folks. THANK YOU for prooving, it only takes a few people. A few GOOD people! Yesterday I went out to see if my handmade signs needed to be replaced with new ones. To my surprize, most of them were still up. But the biggest shock was when I went to a "major" posting fence where tons of posters, flyers, cards, relics are hung, and everything was removed from the fence. Next to the fence was a new box, one tenth the size of the fence, apparently a new "bill box". Apparently someone selected flyers and posters from the fence and put those up in the box. It included one of my hand made Ron Paul signs. I sure wish I had a meet-up group here in the bluest of blue green, Mendocino California. LOVE YOU MEMPHIS Meet-up for RP!!!! Elvis rocked!