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I have a friend

who tries to get me to see the difference between who is using the tool of communism; i.e. if a criminal is using it, the system will be criminal. I have to admit whenever I see the word communism all I can think of are the blood baths associated with Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese & Cuban style implementation and I fear that style of implementation here. Voluntary communism is one thing. Forced communism is another. Perhaps we do not know all the story of what that boy believed. I do think he is definitely thinking though, about different styles of communism…after all, one might say that living in a family setting is communism on the most simple and generous level.

"I suppose the stealing of the password and mocking him for all to see is what just pisses me off. It is no wonder we live among sheep. Parents nastily punish their children for thinking."

It is funny, I don't come up with the same feelings about that as you do. Perhaps different life experiences? Maybe those friends spend lots of time at that house and it is all a big joke. I don't read anything vindictive or punitive into the story. But I have read the comments and I see alot of people do, and I will think more about it.