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Comment: Who Votes?

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Who Votes?

By the rules, only the seated delegates on the floor should have voted. The upper tiers you mention, along with the "R Whip Team" staffers on the floor, alternates, and guests, should not have voted.

After the vote the point of order should have been recognized, and we should have taken the time to divide the credentialed delegates on the floor to get an accurate vote.

From where I was on the floor, the voice vote sounded about even. That doesn't mean much, as it was ridiculously loud on the floor. I had foam ear plugs the final night. [As presumably planned] the setup was not conducive to a fair voice vote with the free-for-all of everyone in the building screaming.

Yes, you could get into the Forum without taking buses and I did that. You had to walk through the outer perimeter of fences and barriers. It was not conducive to the handicapped, but it was OK for those who could walk.
On Tuesday I saw Michele Bachman get dropped off inside the fenced perimeter by car, so I presume seated Congress persons were given the special placard that allowed a car through the fenced perimeter.