Comment: That prices are what they are

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That prices are what they are

That prices are what they are is (another evidence) government regulation helps not you and me the commoners but helps the long established manufacturers and growers of food. Government and some companies, again, those of long standing, have been working together since those companies' inceptions.

This relationship is protectionist in that it makes difficult or impossible for us normal people to enter food production and selling. Here, protectionist means guard against competition and especially would-be competition unless the would-be competition adheres to the regulation because if it does its food quality will be less than that of the long established ones or if not so then better and far outside affordability of the average person. Consequently, the big players get bigger because competition shrinks, where more and more people go to the existing places, giving false readings on the stock market and in our media news of a strong economy. Consolidation is what that dynamic is.

What is ironic is that people -- and I don't know if you, go213mph, are among them -- who advocate government involvement regardless government's location (whether local, state or federal) in food quality control complain about high prices. More government control, more central planning, can produce only one outcome: worsening food quality and prohibition of the individual to create his own food because seed, land and resources to cultivate increase past his financial reach or because if he can afford it he'll have to prepared attack from the government (physically, probably) and financial onslaught from the government and the long established food companies which is to say fines, fees and court costs. The latter effect, the prohibition, carries forward consolidation, therefore breeds dependency and eventually slavery.

The answer is what it's always been: STOP the government, STOP the centrality. Deny government's involvement in food is to deny its attacks and attacks from companies. Simpler yet: No centrality=freedom.

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