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The government did it.

The government did it.

Make the government do it.

"They" are both Collectivists. (rhetoric)
"They are both Statist. (rhetoric)
The only difference is the rhetoric that "they" use.
Which part of the "Mob" they want to appeal to. (rhetoric)
The "Mob" did it.

Gold Bug rhetoric (I wonder where his hedge bets are banking on future storms, and driving them as an obvious consequence?)

Gold is the only financial asset that is not simultaneously someone else's liability. (what about whiskey, tomato jars, solar panels, electric cars, modular vertical farming units, those skills he spoke of earlier with his other tongue outside the other side of his face, etc.)

How stupid the government is...
The stupid government did it.
The same people with mansions in every State, profiting on everything, all the time, yea, those stupid ones, as they have the victims begging for more torture and mass murder on their own hides, yea, that stupid government.

The Mob did it again.

"They" are going to inflate the currency. (the one and only)
The government did it.

What do you think happens when I go to a place like that?


Knowledge has to be made scarce so as to jack up the price of it?

Ask any Gold Bug, please, go ahead, how much interest is generated by Gold?

If the MOB did it, then how did the government do it?

Is that bait and switch?

Join us, we know, buy Gold, before it is too late, and then you too can be as rich and powerful as us, so rich and powerful, that you too can move your power to drive the economy and make the future as bright as Gold!

OK, sure, how about all those people in all those Third World Countries, visited by all those Economic Hit Men, where they have the choice of dying miserably working harder for less, or dying miserably fighting against the Economic Hit Men, Jackals, Graduates of the School of the Americas, tortured, and piled high?

Stop, sure, stop all that funny business, in your Third World Country, don't listen to the counter-revolutionary-socialist-reformers, and buy Gold, and join the fun, have some cake, and invest in Gold, like us, we are capitalists, and proud of it!


"Gold is the only financial asset that is not simultaneously someone else's liability."

Gold is the Legal Criminals Liability and that is why they are buying it all up.

Gold is a very good honest, accurate, hard to counterfeit, form of economic money, a currency, but it does not compare to electricity well, since Gold has no power in it, other than as a conductor, or a power to dazzle the human mind.

Gold is very well known as a liability for those supposed Stupid Government People who just so happen to be making fraudulent pieces of paper, with lie written on them, well documented lies, red handed lies, and then buying gold with those lies, because they are stupid?

What do you think happens to me as soon as I open my mouth, or write a note, and hand it to someone at one of those conferences?

Psssst, the anarchist is here, watch out.

Notice the Bait and Switch going on, double speak, as the Mob THING does it, and then the Government THING does it, and then the MOB again, and the answer to our problems is the capital of human responsibility, and then Gold is the answer, and then the liars lie, as the liar lies.

They are smart, all right, and they know where to hedge their bets, because they are much closer to the source of the fraudulent power, and they have joined'em, because, they say, well, really, you can't beat'em.

Sometimes the truth be told, even by those who, as a rule, censor the truth, and avoid the competition, and distort the facts, and lie, and play games, so you got another ear full from me, and there are no challengers.

I've looked.

It is a world wide web.

Who challenges my viewpoint?

I've been at it for decades.

When good people demand the truth, there will be no storm, no eye, no before, no after, no storm, the Legal Criminals will wake up with no more volunteers.