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I know

I've been there, believe me. I know quite a few people who are very dear to me , and I tried, yet they will never, ever care about these things. That's just the fact, and you'll need to accept it. The phrase I quoted was not meant to insult anyone, but rather to point out that it's wasted time to talk to people about something they absolutely don't care about (it would be the same as if someone tried to convince me that a certain type of speakers is better for music than some other kind - I simply don't care about that, so I'm "swine" or "dog" in that case).
I never said it's their fault - they are who they are, and they still contribute to this world in their own way. My response was more to you than them - you just have to accept the reality and understand that there will be those who just will not care about how the world works, and would rather think about other things instead. Focus your energy on those who disagree (because they care, they just have a different viewpoint), rather than those who don't care.