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Comment: Not setting a very good example.

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Not setting a very good example.

These parents are not setting a very good example. Saying they're capitalists and then enforcing all these communist restrictions on their son? That's just going to teach the son to hate capitalists. Capitalists allow freedom of choice, as long as that choice does not impinge on the freedom of any other.

The parents never should have used the son's FB profile to post the note, since that is an invasion of privacy. The note should have gone like this:

"Son, I hear you're into communism. Since your mother and I are capitalists, and we own your residence, we ultimately respect your decision to go about your business as long as it does not interfere with the productivity of the household. That is all."

Treating a political ideology as a thought-crime is something communists and fascists do, not capitalists. Way to give the kid the wrong impression.