Comment: Whoever named him Betray-us

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Whoever named him Betray-us

some years ago was 100% on the money, eh.

Our culture has come to believe that a man is just a collection of separate and autonomous pigeonholes, each having nothing to do with the other. We think that if you betray your wife pigeonhole, that has nothing to do with any other pigeonholes. In reality, though, a man is a seamless whole--there are no pigeonholes. His character is who he is and that affects all parts of his being. If he is a betrayer of his wife, that is what he IS, a betrayer, a man who is not to be trusted with anything else.

Marriage is public. Marriage vows are taken publicly before witnesses. Breaking those vows is a public matter. Adultery matters because it is a red flag on character issues. Divorce is public.

Observe Ron Paul and learn about character.