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Keep in mind... milk is always going to be more expensive than regular milk. The reason farmers started producing milk using the techniques that the organic milk people dislike is precisely because those techniques increase productivity, and therefore lower prices.

This is one reason why I'm not a big fan of the whole organic movement. It seems to me the world is better off with lots and lots of non-organic food at low prices than with a lot less organic food at higher prices. Of course, everyone ought to be free to buy what they please. Just saying that if you have a vision of a all-organic world, make sure you understand that that's going to be a world of hungrier people, even if what little they do eat is higher quality.

The same with the "eat local" movement. The reason food is grown in certain areas and transported long distances is precisely because that's the cheapest way of producing food. If everyone ate local, prices would be higher. Same for "buy local" in general, for all kinds of goods.

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